Food & Fashion Similarities

food and fashion

One day when I was cooking, I was thinking of what to wear to work until my thoughts of shopping popped out like a thought balloon with this "ting" sound. I thought its a good idea to write something about it.

Have you ever been to the mall to shop for new clothing? Don't answer that. Ever been to the grocery store to shop for ingredients for your day or week long meals? Don't answer that either!

Well, here's my answer: it is really hard to know what your going to buy at the mall. Its really hard to choose which of the type of clothes I would want to buy.

I am not a fashionista. But still struggling to decide on what to buy! Will it be that classic shirt or that shirt with lots of snips and holes that sometimes I wonder, has fashion come to this? Rip off a shirt or jeans, make sure you put the designer label on it and people will accept and buy it!

The good thing is, people don't actually buy stabbed red tomatoes and apples. Even bananas with dark spots tend to be left out at the fruit stands.

food and fashion

So what are the similarities of fashion and cooking? I buy clothes that I want to wear. Same as cooking, I want to buy it if I want to eat it.

Fashion depends on the season. So as cooking. Its like I don't want to sip a hot cocoa on a summer day or maybe have something like a slushie or Popsicle on the winter days.

Choosing and pairing on what to wear has its own sense. I wouldn't wear a striped shirt with a plaid shorts or wear too much neon bright colors. The same thing with cooking. I need to make sure everything has the right amount of ingredients. The right amount of salt, sugar, the right balance. Not too spicy, not too sour.

We want to wear something that we want. Sometimes comfort doesn't even count. We don't care that the shoes is so tight but looks good! We don''t care on what we eat even if there's too much fat or high in sodium but it really taste good!

So, I have to end my thoughts of comparing food and fashion. I just wanted to share my thoughts about it. One of my favorite culinary expert and chef Andrew Zimmern always say "If it looks good, eat it!" So is what to wear i guess. If it looks good, wear it! We are what we eat and we are what we wear.