Is it Really Possible to Shrink Pores?

Beauty Confession: Is it Really Possible to Shrink Pores?

Everybody wants to 'shrink pores', trying to achieve that smooth, flawless skin. But have you ever wondered if it’s really possible to reduce pore size? 

Step by Step Guide to


Meditation is the simple practice of training your attention. In meditation we cultivate the faculty of mindfulness, or awareness.

We do this by trying to empty the mind of all the distractions of daily life for a little while. We set ourselves free from the endless, frantic chatter of our thoughts. We develop inner peacefulness.


Ten Tips to Ease Low Back Pain

Even with today's technology finding the exact cause of low back pain can be difficult. In some cases, back pain may be a symptom of many different causes. The following article has hints on how to help to prevent back problems and ease the accompanying pain. 


How to Avoid Neck and Back Pain from Backpacks

If you’re like most parents, you remember sending your kindergartener off to school with a backpack bigger than they were. While your child may be able to shoulder it, students are now weighed down more than ever by these cumbersome packs.